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Make it pro

Make it pro



Make It Pro is a specialized Marketplace and E-commerce analytics agency. They are certified by Mercado Libre in Mexico, and work for brands and sellers in Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, and Argentina.



They had an initial version of their internal platform, but they wanted to change its look and feel to make it look cleaner and prettier.

The platform also needed some performance improvements and to have some new features.



We worked on the UX/UI design with the client for about a month. We capture the requirements for the project, identifying what went well and what went wrong with the V1 they had.

After that, we built the web app using React.js for the frontend and Node.js for the backend, integrating with SendGrid to send emails.

mip screens mip screens



"We’ve had great results. Their communication style has been great. They’re also very well organized."

Tomas Dalla Rizza

CEO, Make It Pro

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