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Responsive web platform to get personal loans.

Crédito de la casa

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Crédito de la Casa was funded in 1993 in Uruguay, as a credit management company, working specifically in the personal loans sector. Currently, the company has more than 200 offices throughout the country and more than 10,000 affiliated businesses.



Houlak and Crédito de la Casa have been working together since 2019. In this project, the challenge was creating a web platform that allowed the company's old and new clients to get a loan 100% digitally without needing to go physically to a branch office.

This platform also needed to be integrated with Crédito de la Casa's internal ERP.



Customer centricity was critical for this project. Knowing precisely who the end-users are and how they behave when applying for a personal loan.

That's why we did exhaustive UX/UI work to design the best possible platform to maximize results for our client.

Then, for the code itself, we used React.js for the Frontend and Node.js for the backend.

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"Since working with Houlak, the business has generated a 90% client satisfaction rate. The team creates a smooth workflow by managing tasks efficiently, which helps them deliver quality outputs in a timely manner. They’re also very professional, honest, and responsive. "

Gonzalo Almada

Digital Channel Leader, CRÉDITO DE LA CASA

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