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Introducing the all-new Creditel Mobile App:
Elevating the financial experience.





Creditel, a leading name in the financial industry of Uruguay, has been empowering individuals with tailored financial solutions since its inception. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Creditel has built a reputation for providing seamless services that cater to various financial needs. Whether it is offering a personal loan or an international credit card, Creditel has been a trusted partner on countless journeys to financial success.

Since 2012, Creditel is also part of the Santander Group.

creditel app
creditel app



In an era of rapid technological evolution, Creditel recognized the pressing need to modernize its mobile app, originally built in 2013. The app, although functional, faced multiple challenges that hindered user experience and efficient maintenance. The outdated user interface fell short of contemporary design standards, rendering it less engaging and intuitive for users accustomed to sleek and user-friendly interfaces. Moreover, the app’s reliance on deprecated technologies made it increasingly difficult and resource-intensive to maintain and update. To uphold their commitment to seamless service, we, alongside Creditel, embarked on a mission to revamp its mobile app entirely.



While building the new Creditel Mobile App, we aim to redefine the entire Creditel financial experience through a cutting-edge mobile native application, using the latest Swift and Kotlin versions.

With a user interface tailored to the latest fintech trends, the app offers an immersive and intuitive journey, seamlessly guiding users through their financial landscape. Behind the scenes, the revamped app boasts an updated codebase, ensuring easy maintenance and swift updates. This not only elevates the user experience but also expedites the implementation of new features.

Security remains paramount, with advanced encryption and biometric authentication options providing robust protection for user data and transactions. The revamped app introduces an array of new financial products and tools, making it a comprehensive financial companion app for all their clients financial needs. In conclusion, the all-new Creditel Mobile App harmonizes cutting-edge design, robust engineering, enhanced security, and a broader range of financial services for their clients.

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