Case Study

Mobile App in native iOS and Android
for a benefits company.

Open App

Open App



OpenApp is a Uruguayan subscription-based benefits platform, offering discounts at restaurants and other stores.

With lots of 2x1 promotions and 50% discounts, an OpenApp subscription is a very popular benefit that companies give to their employees.




After building the client's website a few years back, they asked us to build a mobile platform where users could buy subscriptions and consume the different benefits available on Open App.



From product discovery and UX/UI design to finally deploying the apps in the Apple and Android stores, Houlak took care of the entire process and finished building the original mobile app in 2018.

To this day, we still work together to make the app more complete and unique every day.

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"Houlak produces quality results that meet the needs and requirements of the internal team. The team is knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate."

Cecilia Suarez

CEO, Open App

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