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Web and Flutter Mobile Apps that helped this fintech
get a 3.6 million dollar seed investment.


Quansa Quansa



Quansa is a benefits platform focused on the financial health of Chilean and Brazilian workers. They provide personalized financial guidance, access to flexible salaries, and tools to develop the economic resilience of their users.



Quansa brought Houlak on to build a web app that allows employees to interact with Quansa to get free earned wages and speak to a personal financial advisor. After launching and succeeding in Chile, Quansa also asked Houlak to help them build a Mobile App to expand to the Brazilian market, pushed by a 3.6 million dollar seed investment.




We spent one month doing an exhaustive product discovery and UX/UI design to create the best possible solution for the end-user.

Then we made the Web MVP in 3 months using React.js for the Frontend and Node.js for the backend. We also integrated SendGrid to send emails and Twilio to send SMS.

The client wanted a cross-platform technology for the Mobile Apps, so we built both Android and iOS Apps using Flutter. We made it with multilanguage support so they could launch it in Chile and Brazil.

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"We received feedback from users expressing the web app changed their life as well as made everything faster and simpler. This attests to Houlak’s hard work."

Mafalda Barros

Co-founder, Quansa

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